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16th December
written by Sean Noble

If something happens twice, it begins to be a trend. Everyone in the world has heard about the couple that crashed Obama’s first state dinner, uninvited, which set off a inside-the-beltway game of finger pointing.

Now the administration is trying to explain how a Georgia couple ended up in a Veteran’s Day breakfast in the White House in November when they were merely there for a public tour. The Associated Press is reporting that the couple showed up at the White House on the wrong day for a tour and were promptly ushered into an invitation-only breakfast honoring Veterans.

This is the same administration that is bringing suspected terrorists into our nation’s borders to imprison them in Illinois.

Somehow I don’t feel safer.

10th November
written by Sean Noble

We owe so much to the men and women who serve and have served in our Armed Forces, so it’s sad that Veteran’s Day is one of those “optional” holidays that has become less and less important in the United States.

If it were up to me, it would rank right up there with Independence Day, since it is because of our veterans that we are able to celebrate Independence Day each year.

So take the time to thank a veteran or someone active in the Armed Services, we certainly don’t thank them enough.