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22nd June
written by Sean Noble

















 President Obama’s approval is now just above 50%, the lowest it has been in his presidency.  In the Presidential Approval Index he is -2 – that is, there are 2% more people who strongly disapprove of his performance than those who strongly approve.

I believe that as more and more people start paying attention to the debate over health care reform his numbers are going to dip below 50% and it will become harder and harder for him to get what he wants on health care.  Why? Because what he wants is a fundamental government takeover of health care and the cost of government running health care is going to be unacceptable to most Americans.  They are also going to be suspicious of the claims made by Obama and Congressional Democrats about why the government should run health care.

The common theme that you hear from the White House and from Congress is that we MUST solve the problem of the uninsured and we have to get cost under control.  The problem for them is that Senate bill spends at least $1.5 TRILLION and only insures 16 million of the estimated 46 million uninsured.  And they cut Medicare and Medicade by more than $300 billion.  Seniors (and Senators) are not going to react well to having their care cut so the government can take more control over health care.