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19th December
written by Sean Noble

I haven’t done much for Christmas.  In fact, other than a couple gifts ordered online, the only thing I’ve done so far to celebrate the Christmas season is show up more than two hours late to a couple Christmas parties.  I’m not a Scrooge or a Grinch, but I haven’t been exactly jolly.  There’s still time, right?


Speaking of Grinch… er… Gingrich, (couldn’t resist) this has been one of the most interesting and frustrating nominating process I’ve ever witnessed.

Frustrating because I am completely unenthusiastic about any of those running, and longing for those who didn’t (Chris, Mitch, Paul, Jeb, anybody?).

Interesting because no one, and I mean NO ONE, expected Newt to come back to life after the stories about his campaign debt for private jet travel, his Tiffany’s debt and mass resignation of nearly his entire staff.

Here is what I’ll say about Gingrich’s leadership ability, as Senator Tom Coburn said: it’s lacking.


I have a lot of respect for flight attendants.  I am blown away at how rude people can be when they travel.  And some of the worst examples of rudeness come from folks flying in First Class.

I admit that I’ve become a bit of a travel snob (I have been known to whine if I don’t get upgraded), but there is no excuse to treat flight attendants with anything other than respect.

Think about it, if you are in the service industry and there is a rude customer, there is usually an escape route – go the kitchen, the back office, the stock room – but flight attendants are stuck in a sealed metal tube hurtling 500 miles an hour 5 miles above the ground.


Speaking of being stuck in a metal tube high up in the air is probably not something I should think about too often.  It just sounds unnatural.


I few months ago I read the book The Help.  Powerful.  I recently saw the movie and it was equally as powerful.  If it doesn’t sweep the Oscars it will be a travesty.