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26th May
written by Sean Noble


President Obama officially nominated Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court to fill the vacancy being created by Justice Souter’s retirement this summer.

This was not unexpected.  We knew it was going to be a woman, and the historical appeal of appointing the first Hispanic to the bench was too good to pass up.  And Sotomayor has a VERY compelling personal story – so compelling, it was probably impossible for Obama to NOT tap her.

Sotomayor is not getting a free pass from some on the left.  My guess is that her confirmation process is going to be a little rocky.  She has been a bit of a judicial activist, and that will be a strong line of questioning by Republicans and they will be less interested in her personal story.  One thing for sure, it’s going to be an interesting summer. 

5th May
written by Sean Noble

 It’s not every day that I can say that I’m way ahead of the curve in comparison to Arizona Republic columnist Ed Montini.  He has posted a column discussing the possibility of Janet Napolitano getting tapped for the Supreme Court to fill the vacancy left by Justice Souter.

I wrote about this issue back in early February.  Here’s what I said at the time:

I was one of the people that was shocked that Governor Napolitano took Department of Homeland Security.  I was shocked because I have always viewed her as a pretty political animal.  Anyone who has ambition for higher elective office is taking a huge risk in heading up DHS.  Politically, it’s almost a no-win situation.  Do your job perfectly, no fumbles on major disasters, no terrorist attacks, nobody notices.

But one slip-up can be career-ending.

That is, unless you have your sights on the Supreme Court.  Then it begins to make a lot more sense.  Take on the responsibility of the largest agency in the Federal government, do a competent job, and tee yourself up for a nomination to a justice for SCOTUS.

Bottom line: don’t be surprised if Napolitano gets tapped for the bench.

Now that Secretary Napolitano has had a couple months under her belt, it’s more clear than ever that the only place she can land is the Supreme Court.  The number of clumsy missteps she has made over the last few weeks have been near-fatal for seeking a future elective office.

4th May
written by Sean Noble

You have to hand it to Obama and his White House team… they are the masters of framing a news story. With the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Souter, Obama gets his first crack at nominating someone to the highest court in the land.  As I twittered a couple days ago, there is a near certainty that Obama is going to get three picks before 2013.

The mastery of the Obama team is that Republican Senator Orrin Hatch has speculated that Obama could announce his pick as early as this week.  When the press asked Obama’s press secretary about that, he didn’t confirm or deny.  They let Hatch carry the story.

Now Sen. Hatch has been around for a long, long time.  He’s been through a bunch of Supreme Court nomination hearings and he isn’t dumb.  He spoke with Obama, got a commitment that the nominee would not be a radical leftist and then was able to tell the press that the pick could come as early as this week.

Here’s my prediction.  Obama will not pick a hard-core leftist (he has two more coming soon), but he’ll pick a predictable liberal (which won’t change the composition of the court) and demonstrate that he is “reasonable” when the nominee sails through committee with Hatch’s support and through the Senate with a bunch of Republican votes.