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24th November
written by Sean Noble

You know that the glow of Obama is fading when historical allies begin to take shots at him. A lefty t-shirt maker in L.A. is going to make a killing on his “Hope… is fading fast” t-shirt.

Saturday Night Live, never a bastion of conservatism, has been whacking Obama hard for on his “accomplishments” (read: zero – according to them) and his policies both foreign and domestic.

Even Jay Leno is in the fray:

“The White House and the Senate Democrats are working on a new jobs bill. The White House said this new jobs bill could create twice as many nonexistent fake jobs as the last one.  Now, three weeks ago … the $787 billion stimulus-thing created one million new jobs. Then, last week, they said it was really only 640,000 jobs. Now, they’re saying they really don’t know. You know how to create a new job? Fire the guy in charge of counting.”

When you are a Democrat and have become the butt of late night comics, you’ve lost your groove.

5th February
written by Sean Noble

“Don’t buy stuff you cannot afford.”  It was a Saturday Night Live skit back in 2006, and it sure could apply to our present day “stimulus” disaster as we hurtle ourselves off the financial cliff.

Now we’re being told that the BILLIONS that Congress and Obama are talking about is not enough.  We should be talking TRILLIONS to “avoid a mini-depression.”  According the Bill Gross, co-chief investment officer of Pacific Investment Management Co., “This economy needs support from the government, a check from the government in the trillions.”

This is getting beyond ridiculous. We already know that only a fraction of the nearly trillion-dollar package will even be spent within the next 18 months.  And yet Obama is saying that if we don’t pass this stimulus now, we may never recover.  What happened to hope?

Thankfully, the American people are starting to get wise to this complete overreach.  CBS News reports that support for the stimulus package has slipped by double digits in the last week.  And, Obama, CBS says, is losing the messaging war.

We just need to get back to basics.  Don’t buy (or stimulate) what you can’t afford.

The full skit can be seen here, thanks to

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