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14th December
written by Sean Noble

The Arizona Republic editorial board has opined in today’s editorial that Senate President Bob Burns did the right thing by dissolving the committee that was chaired by Senator Ron Gould because of his outspoken opposition to referring a sales tax increase to the ballot to deal with the mounting budget deficits facing Arizona.

That in and of itself was fairly unremarkable. The shocker was this line:

The sticking point for the special session is what else would be on the agenda. If lawmakers can agree on further spending cuts, they should do it now, so the reductions can be spread over more of the fiscal year.

Whoa! Stop the press! The Repblic’s editorial board thinks we should cut spending as soon as possible to spread the savings? We do live in strange times.

9th March
written by Sean Noble

eArizona Republic editorial writer, Doug MacEachern, is one of the bright spots at the Arizona Republic. He is a thoughtful, conservative writer who weighs in on some of the most important policy matters that face the state.  He has almost single-handedly dealt a blow to the Union thuggery known as “card check” – the idea that workers can organize into a union by merely signing a card, rather than having a private ballot.  He pointed out the hypocrisy that Democrats advance when they support such un-American and anti-worker legislation.

So it got my attention when, in a “Quick Hit,” MacEachern called out State Sen. Ron Gould for bad manners for walking out on Gov. Brewer’s faux State of the State address after she raised the possibility of tax increases to deal with the budget mess she inherited from Janet Napolitano. 

Sen. Ron Gould’s ungracious exit

by Doug MacEachern

I was on the House floor during Gov. Jan Brewer’s budget-balancing speech in which she urged lawmakers to consider a temporary tax hike.

I didn’t see the showboating, midspeech exit by Sen. Ron Gould, R-Lake Havasu City, who apparently needed to make the evening all about him. Sorry I missed him. I would have asked him where he left his manners.

 Now, it isn’t unprecedented for legislators to walk out of speeches by chief executives for saying things they disagree with.  Matt Salmon and John Shadegg did it to President Bill Clinton back in the 90’s.  The difference is that it was someone from the opposing party.  Some will argue that Sen. Gould showed maverick independence by walking out of Gov. Brewer.  Others, like MacEachern, just think it is rude.  I don’t recall ever hearing that Sen. Gould walked out of a Napolitano speech.

What do you think?