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3rd June
written by Sean Noble






If you follow politics at all, you know that Wisconsin has been the epicenter of the battle between Left and Right for more than a year.

It all started after the 2010 elections when Wisconsin went from blue to red in dramatic fashion with Republicans defeating Democrats in the U.S. Senate seat, the Governor’s seat, both houses of the legislature, and two Congressional districts.

In early 2011, newly elected Governor, Scott Walker, proposed a “budget repair bill” to address the fiscal mess he inherited (sound familiar?).  Rather than passing even more government spending to “stimulate” Wisconsin’s economy, Walker proposed real budget cuts, reforms to public employee union benefits (asking them to pay a little bit more for their health care and retirement, but not as much as the average private sector employee) and collective bargaining reforms (although he exempted police and fire fighters).

The response?  A dozen Democrat legislators literally left the state and hid out in Illinois to prevent a quorum; public employee union members – mostly teachers – staged massive protests at the state capital day in and day out, with doctors volunteering to write them “sick notes” to prevent taking a loss of pay.  (One has to wonder what type of hypocrisy must be employed by teachers who question students’ sick notes after that.)

After weeks of these circus antics, legislative leadership figured out a way to pass the Walker legislation even while Democrat legislators were shirking their responsibility (but still cashing their per diem checks) out of state.

This led to “outrage” and the Left was going to send a message by defeating Supreme Court Justice Prosser, who was up for re-election in April, because then they could challenge Walker’s policies up to the Supreme Court and overturn his right-wing agenda.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the Supreme Court race.  Prosser won.

Undeterred, the unions and their minions decided that they would recall four state senators and recapture the State Senate and block Walker’s radical agenda.

But, alas, they failed again, and did not recall the requisite number of Senators to give the Democrats the majority.

So they turned their guns to the big dog – Scott Walker – to send a message to all Republican Governors across the land: you mess with the unions, you get the horns.

Well, we’ll see how that turns out for them on Tuesday.  If I were a betting man, I’d say that Walker wins by near double-digits and Wisconsin becomes a major battleground state for the Presidential election.

Think about that. Wisconsin.  The birthplace of modern-day American liberalism.

God does love America.