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13th February
written by Sean Noble

We’re only two weeks into the final season of Lost and I’m more confused than ever. More questions are being asked than answers given to previous questions. I feel like the guy in a kayake paddling upstream and not actually moving.

What. Is. It. With. This. Show?

The addiction of it is enough to frustrate me just to the point of actual anger, but I can’t walk away from it.

The parallel experience that the show has taken only adds to the confusion. How creepy is it to see Ethan in the hospital treating Claire? (shudder)

Sawyer’s heartbreak was unexpected. I really thought Kate was the real holder of the key to his heart.

The unwinding of this giant ball of string seems to be taking some weird turns – and I’m starting to worry that the end is not going to be the payoff that we long-time fans deserve.

The startling end of the second episode was a good payoff though… Claire has taken the place of Rousseau?