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30th March
written by Sean Noble







Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu is under investigation for tampering with public records in the fall-out of allegations that he threatened his former boyfriend with deportation if their relationship became public.

As the Arizona Republic reports, emails that were requested by the paper related to Babeu were deleted. When questioned about the emails, the Pinal County Sheriff’s office claimed that it was a routine clean up of old emails and that they had been properly archived.

However, when the archives were searched it was discovered that more than 7,000 emails had been deleted.

While IT staff was conducting research before March 7, Behring’s e-mail says, they found a file on a drive that contained 7,220 documents, mostly e-mails. When they went back on March 7, that same file contained only 818 documents.

So, the emails in question were apparently deleted twice.

As we learned from Watergate, it’s usually not the initial act that causes political death, it’s the cover-up.

For a law enforcement officer to engage in his kind of cover-up is not only a violation of law, it’s a violation of he public trust.

Paul Babeu can’t be trusted to be a Congressman.


23rd March
written by Sean Noble

Pinal Sheriff Paul Babeu had a confrontation with the Pinal County Board of Supervisors in which he claimed that his overspending of nearly $2 million was not HIS budget deficit, but theirs.

Below is an embarrassing blowup by Babeu.

20th February
written by Sean Noble

Questions continue to mount regarding what Sheriff Babeu and his attorney Chris DeRose did and said in their attempts to keep Babeu’s relationship with a Mexican national quiet.

The Arizona Republic ran this story on the front page on Sunday, and CBS News national, and dozens of other outlets, picked up this story from AP.  The AP story focuses on Babeu’s challenge to win a Republican primary after being “outed.”

One question that hasn’t been answered is, why would Babeu resign from Romney’s campaign and continue his Congressional campaign?  If you can’t be a volunteer co-chairman of a state for a Presidential campaign, does it make sense to continue to run for office yourself?

I continue to assert that his being gay is not the issue here.  The issue is what actions he or his attorney took to cover up that he is gay.  DeRose claims that the whole matter was put to rest after the ex-boyfriend turned over the social media passwords, but that is clearly false.

As the New Times reports, DeRose emailed the ex-boyfriend after he had turned over the passwords suggesting they get together to “discuss settling these outstanding claims.”

In his defense, DeRose provides a “cease and desist” letter he wrote to Jose, and he points out to New Times that there are no threats in that letter.

We didn’t expect him to provide us a copy of the threat he is accused of making.

The assertions from Babeu’s camp that the dispute between he and Jose ended after Jose turned over passwords to the campaign accounts Babeu says were hacked strain credulity when you consider the letters Weiss-Riner sent to Babeu and his attorney.

And DeRose’s own e-mail to Jose on September 7 — after he turned over the passwords — contradicts his characterization that Jose wasn’t pressed to sign anything after he complied with DeRose’s requests.

“We have a decision to make about what’s already been done,” DeRose wrote to Jose. “If you have cooperated as it appears, this will mitigate heavily in your favor. As we consider what’s already been done, would you like your opinion to be considered?”

DeRose invites Jose to his office to “discuss settling these outstanding claims.”

They asked him to turn over the passwords, which he did. And yet, contrary to DeRose’s portrayal to New Times and other media outlets that that was the end of it, his own e-mail states there were “outstanding claims.”

So what were the “outstanding claims”?  Until answers are provided by Babeu and his attorney this looks like a threat.  And that’s the problem – when you are in a hole, stop digging.