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25th April
written by Sean Noble








Did you know that Newt Gingrich is still in the presidential race?  No? Apparently you are not alone.

Tuesday was one of the biggest primary days this year (in terms of delegates) and Gingrich was pinning his hopes on moving forward with a win in… Delaware.  Delaware has 17 delegates. Compare that to the delegate counts for the other states that had primaries on Tuesday: Rhode Island (15), Connecticut (28), Pennsylvania (72) and New York (94).

So it makes a lot of sense to judge the future of your campaign in the second smallest state… Not.

It didn’t matter though.  Gingrich lost to Romney by 30 points in Delaware – and Gingrich did two times better in Delaware than in any of the other states on Tuesday.

Mitt Romney is 300 delegates shy of the number needed to be the nominee officially, and that doesn’t count the 72 unallocated delegates in Pennsylvania.

Newt is reportedly “assessing” his campaign’s future. That shouldn’t take more than 15 seconds.


27th April
written by Sean Noble

In this image taken with a cell phone by Jason McLane, the primary presidential

This was stupid.  Flying a 747 at a low altitude above and around Manhattan is bound to freak people out.  How this was ever approved is beyond me.  I suppose it’s another example of how the White House just doesn’t get it.  The war on terror is real… very real to those who lived through 9-11 in New York.  You’d think for a leftist like Obama, he’d be more sensitive.

See the video here.