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15th May
written by Sean Noble

The Republican U.S. Senate primary in Nebraska is the second tea party win in two weeks.  First, Senator Richard Lugar lost to tea party-backed Richard Mourdock in Indiana. On Tuesday, tea party favorite, Deb Fischer defeated establishment candidate Jim Bruning in a shocking late surge.

Fischer’s defeat of Bruning is remarkable.  She was heavily outspent and as of two weeks ago was a distant third in the polls.

Then Sarah Palin endorsed her, and she got the “big mo’.”  Palin still has star power.

Senator Jim DeMint was “all in” for Don Stenberg, but he couldn’t make it happen.  Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell favored Bruning.

While Lugar’s defeat made national headlines last week, Fischer’s win is a much bigger story.

The bottom line: Palin is more important than two of the most important Republican Senators in the nation.


27th December
written by Sean Noble








Democrat Senator Ben Nelson is retiring, making it almost a sure bet that his Senate seat will switch to Republican in the 2012 election.

National Democrats (particularly Harry Reid) were desperate to keep Nelson in the race (and his $3 million bank account) because if he were running for re-election, they had at least a fighting chance to keep the seat.

Ben Nelson is not dumb, and he calculated that Nebraskans have tired of his claims to be a conservative Democrat, but siding with his liberal colleagues on the big votes (Stimulus and Health care being two biggies).

I suspect recent ads run by American Crossroads (see ad here) and Americans for Prosperity Nebraska (see ad here) had an impact on Nelson’s thinking and whether he wanted to spend the next year being thrashed with his own record.

This news reminded me of a web video I came across a while ago and blogged about here.  It’s really funny.

Ben Nelson may not be laughing today, but most Nebraskans are cheering.



Aaron Blake from the Washington Post reports that Nelson has posted an retirement announcement video which you can see here.



29th January
written by Sean Noble

This is funny, because it is so accurate.