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1st May
written by Sean Noble

The Obama campaign’s calculation to repeatedly spike the football on Osama’s death appears to be working against them.

There is a growing chorus of former SEALS grumbling about the President continuing to take personal credit for the kill.

And now a group called Veterans for a Strong America has released a new ad.  Powerful.

13th April
written by Sean Noble

Obama and the Navy are being praised for their actions to free American ship captain Richard Phillips.  Count me as one who joins the praise of Obama and the Navy and, most specifically, the Navy Seals who conducted the operation that freed Phillips.

I initially worried that Obama would mishandle this crisis the way Clinton did with the last run-in we had with Somali extremists when the lack of air support led to the deaths of 18 soldiers.  Those events became a book and a movie called “Black Hawk Down” and demonstrated the heroism of our Army Rangers and the ineptitude of the Clinton Administration when it came to an international crisis.

Obama made the right call – which was to essentially defer to the experts in the military – and passed his first major international crisis test.  I hope he keeps up this record.  Lives depend on it.