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28th October
written by Sean Noble












Nine days to go and there seems to be a palpable sense that Mitt Romney has the momentum to win the Presidential election.

That would be remarkable.

Just consider a few facts:

The Des Moines Register endorsed Mitt Romney, the first Republican endorsement they have given since 1972.

Speaking of 1972, that is the last time a Republican won the state of Minnesota, and yet Obama’s campaign just made a big TV purchase there as polls show Romney within the margin of error in the home state of Walter Mondale.

Polls in Florida, North Carolina and Virginia show Romney’s lead expanding, making Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado and Nevada pretty darn important for Obama to win. Recent polling in Michigan and Pennsylvania show the race tightening where Obama won each by double digits in 2008.

Gallup’s daily Presidential track has Romney +5 for a second day in a row, and shows that Obama has lost 7 points in approval in the last three days.

Now, there is still plenty of time for Mitt Romney and the Republicans to screw it up and lose.  But my instinct tells me that if the landscape isn’t any worse next Sunday as it is today for Romney, he’s likely to win.


17th February
written by Sean Noble

Al Franken, one of the nation’s most unfunny funnymen, continues to demonstrate is character by insisting that he be addressed as “Senator-elect” even though there is no decision at this point on the election for the Senate seat in Minnesota.

Franken holds an alleged 225-vote lead at the moment.  I say alleged, because there are a number of questions about how some county recorders “re-reported” votes after initially reporting vote totals that showed Republican Senator Norm Coleman with a lead of about 700 votes.

Because of the high-stakes nature of this battle, it’s going to stretch for at least a few more weeks and continue to burn big money in legal fees on both sides. It ain’t over yet.