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22nd November
written by Sean Noble

Christmas comes earlier and earlier each year.  Thanksgiving is being wiped out by “Black Friday” which is actually now starting on Thanksgiving Day.  I’m all for economic activity, but this is getting a little absurd.


The “failure” of the super committee didn’t happen yesterday, it happened when it was created as a part of the deal to raise the debt limit back in August.  It was a terrible idea, and did exactly what Washington is best at doing: punting on the tough issues.


Friday Night Lights is one of the best TV shows in recent memory.  Why is it that I never start a show from it’s beginning?  My favorite shows have mostly been those that I discovered long into their run (Lost) or already canceled (Arrested Development).


The defeat of State Senator Russell Pearce in the recall, the ousting and then re-instatement of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Chairman, the future of Rep. Gabby Giffords, among other things proves that Arizona politics is not likely to get boring anytime soon.

24th May
written by Sean Noble

ABC’s Lost had one of the most anticipated series finales in TV history.

Lost was simply… epic.  Its draw was the examination of human interaction under a multitude of situations, both extreme and mundane.

Lost was in its third season before I watched the pilot and got completely hooked.  And after six seasons, I am still numb to the idea that it’s actually over.

I’m torn about the way it ended.  I loved it, I hated it, I laughed, I cried.

But when the camera zoomed in on Jack’s eye and the signature Lost logo popped onto the screen I felt… fulfilled.

It’s hard to describe.  It was less dramatic than I think I was expecting, but it was surprisingly satisfying.

Here’s what I think… The writers didn’t really know how to end it, so they pulled the pure emotion card – figuring out how to bring everyone together, and by doing so, even those of us who wanted a complete tie up at the end forgave the unanswered questions because everyone got back together.

It was thrilling to watch each character begin to remember what they had been through and to recognize who they were.

So, had they in fact died at the beginning after all, and the island was purgatory?  I don’t think so – I interpreted it as the sideways reality being purgatory (or in my faith’s parlance, the spirit world), where the work gets completed.

However you view the ending, and whether you think it was great or terrible or just ok, ultimately there wasn’t a perfect ending or a right ending, because we each viewed the series through our own prism of understanding, ideology, faith, bias and personal application.

What surprises me the most is that I don’t even remember all the questions they didn’t answer. That tells me that even though those questions seemed to be of burning priority, they just weren’t that important.

Kind of like how life unfolds…

18th February
written by Sean Noble

The hit TV series Lost continues to wow me. This week’s episode actually answers more questions than it raises, much to my enjoyment and relief.

Now we know where the lists of names comes from and we have a better understanding of what Jacob was up to. The challenge is whether we believe that Jacob is evil or the man in black, now personified as John Locke.

Whereas previous seasons nibbled around the edges of good versus evil, this season has overt religious overtones. It is sure to keep Lost fans buzzing about what it all means, and I am guessing that the Lost writers are good enough to throw some major twists into the plot in this final season.

The John Locke-centered episode this week we learn a lot more about Locke, but we also catch glimpses of a different side of Ben and Hurley. Ben is much less confident and the Hurly that lands in L.A. continues to act as if he’s the luckiest guy in the world – a stark contrast to the Hurley on the island that believes he is cursed.

It is a rare moment for me to get to the end of a TV show and actually feel enriched for having watched it. I’m crossing my fingers that the rest of the season of Lost will have some big payoffs.

13th February
written by Sean Noble

We’re only two weeks into the final season of Lost and I’m more confused than ever. More questions are being asked than answers given to previous questions. I feel like the guy in a kayake paddling upstream and not actually moving.

What. Is. It. With. This. Show?

The addiction of it is enough to frustrate me just to the point of actual anger, but I can’t walk away from it.

The parallel experience that the show has taken only adds to the confusion. How creepy is it to see Ethan in the hospital treating Claire? (shudder)

Sawyer’s heartbreak was unexpected. I really thought Kate was the real holder of the key to his heart.

The unwinding of this giant ball of string seems to be taking some weird turns – and I’m starting to worry that the end is not going to be the payoff that we long-time fans deserve.

The startling end of the second episode was a good payoff though… Claire has taken the place of Rousseau?

4th February
written by Sean Noble

Lost is one of the most interesting television series in the history of the medium. I got into Lost after it had been on TV for more than two seasons and I have been riveted ever since.

It was the human interest elements of the story that got me hooked, more so than the science fiction aspect. However, the time travel focus now has me begging for more.

My anticipation for the season premiere was bigger than I have ever had for any other show (even Mad Men) in my life, and it didn’t disappoint. Seeing Richard Alpert take a punch was more satisfying than it should have been, and to see Benjamin Linus cowering like a little girl was great.

Other highlights: Hurley taking charge; seeing the Temple (finally); learning that the smoke monster is actually evil itself, not just a tool of evil; and seeing Charlie again.

However, I’m really trying to grasp the idea of two sets of characters; the version of those who stayed on the island and the version who landed in L.A. After Juliet died and then Saied died, I was thinking that the island version of the characters would die off one by one. But then Saied came back to life.

One thing that appears to be real is that Jacob is dead.

29th November
written by Sean Noble

As regular readers of NobleThinking know, I’m a huge fan of the TV show Lost on ABC. It is the first show in years that had me captivated and waiting on the edge of my seat for the next episode.

Then came along Mad Men on AMC. I love that show, but it’s in the off-season, leaving me with nowhere to go since Lost doesn’t start again until February 2010.

Which brings me to my latest fascination: Glee. The appeal to this show for me is that I was in show choir and drama in high school, and I can completely relate to a lot of the tension between the “popular” kids and the kids in glee.

When I revel in the glory days of high school, the big memories are starring as Curly in the school production of Oklahoma, playing Lord Fancourth Babberly in Charlie’s Aunt, our baseball team winning the state championship (I was the starting center fielder) and performing in the All-State show choir – all in that order.

So it turns out I’m more drama/choir geek than baseball jock. That’s probably obvious to everyone who went to high school with me, but it’s only upon reflection that I realized it myself.

So early next year, I’m going to be conflicted. Glee will go up against Lost on Wednesday nights.

Thank goodness for Tivo.

4th February
written by Sean Noble

Tonight’s episode of Lost was insanely good.  The plot twists have my head in a complete spin.  I can’t believe how INTO this show I am.  The tie back to previous story lines is absolutely brilliant writing.  There is no question that in 20 years, kids going through film school will be studying Lost, and how it revolutionized film/TV writing.

If you haven’t watched Lost, watch the pilot from Season 1.  If you aren’t hooked by the end of that two hours, no harm done.  If you are, you better set aside the next three weeks as you try to watch four seasons nearly non-stop.  I promise, you’ll lose a ton of sleep if you get into this show.  But you won’t regret it.

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29th January
written by Sean Noble

Episode 503

Ok, so you know I love ABC’s LOST.  If you don’t watch the show, this post will be essentially meaningless.

Last night’s episode had some great payoffs – and added more questions (of course).

The most significant twist for me was that we learn that the infamous Charles Widmore is an “other.”  I’m telling you, the writers of this show are brilliant.  I did not think they could keep the story line fresh, but they have in a big way.  And I’m not alone in thinking this… 20 million people watched the season premiere last week.  Wow.

On an unrelated note, I also love the show Mad Men, on AMC.  I was walking through the Burbank airport yesterday and walked by Christina Hendricks, the actress who plays Joan Holloway. (Or, it was someone who looks VERY much like her.)  Pretty cool.

Christina Hendricks

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22nd January
written by Sean Noble
Episode 322_troughthelookingglass

About a year or so ago I downloaded the pilot of Lost on iTunes.  I’ve been completely addicted ever since, and tonight’s last night’s season 5 premiere did not disappoint.

When I step back and think about what I am watching, it sounds absurd. I’m usually a bit of a realist when it comes to TV shows.  But I absolutely LOVE Lost.

Ben still gives me the creeps, and Sun clearly has something up her sleeve.  And the cameo of Anna Lucia was quite a twist.

I’m already counting the hours until next Wed. at 8 p.m.