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16th March
written by Sean Noble

In what is the most obvious signal that Congressman John Shadegg will run for re-election, Lisa James has joined Shadegg’s Phoenix office as Deputy Chief of Staff.


Lisa is a long-time political pro, who brings an impressive skill set to round out Shadegg’s staff.  She is very well respected, a hard worker, solidly conservative, and has huge cache with a broad cross section of the business/political world.


In some ways, I have mixed feelings about this development.  I’m a huge fan of Lisa and I want John Shadegg to continue to be a major player in Congress.  What causes me pause is that she is such a great pick.  Having been Shadegg’s top staffer for so long, I think bringing in Lisa will expose my shortcomings.  The Shadegg operation is going to take it to the next level.


Make no mistake, this is a huge development which freezes more than a dozen political careers of people waiting in the wings for Shadegg to exit.  I guess they’ll have to continue to wait.

19th January
written by Sean Noble

Last Friday, the Yellow Sheet Report, which is the equivalent of an “inside the beltway publication” for the Arizona capital, reported that Arizona GOP Chairman Randy Pullen claimed that the Arizona Delegation was “neutral” in his race against Lisa James for Chairman.  Huh?

I’ve known Randy for a number of years, and we have a cordial relationship, and, just as I have said to newly-elected Maricopa County GOP Chairman, Rob Haney, if Pullen is reelected, I’ll work on finding common ground.  In the meantime, I strongly support Lisa James.

But even as a James partisan, I’m taken aback by Pullen’s comment.  It’s a whopper so big that it isn’t even remotely believable.  Usually, if you are going to push the envelope, you at least have an envelope to push.   What mystifies me is why Pullen would say something so demonstrably inaccurate.

McCain, Kyl, Shadegg and Flake have been open about their support for Lisa James, and Trent Franks is officially neutral.  So maybe Pullen believes that Franks is the entire delegation.

Yesterday, Lisa James put out a statement from Kyl:

“I support Lisa James for Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party because she will provide the leadership to increase Republican voter registration, raise funds, recruit candidates and execute a successful get out the vote effort.”

I second Senator Kyl’s comments.  I have seen Lisa in action, and know her capabilities. I’ve done enough major get-out-the-vote efforts, fundraising, grassroots organizing and messaging to recognize who gets it and who doesn’t. 

Lisa James gets it, and would be a great asset as GOP Chairman going into the 2010 election.