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27th August
written by Sean Noble

Cows in Britain are killing people.  Why is it that some of the weirdest news in the world comes from across the pond?

It occurs to me that England needs more cattle guards. Growing up in rural Arizona, cattle guards were a way of life.  Just thinking about the familiar “thrrummpp” as you drove over them brings back memories of childhood.

And it reminds me of a classic government out-of-touch story, the veracity of which is in question because I’ve heard versions with different Administrations involved.  As I remember it, under LBJ’s administration, someone at the Department of Agriculture decided to ask Arizona and New Mexico how many cattle guards they had.  The folks on the ground, obviously perplexed by how they might actually count all of them reported back that there were many, many thousands of cattle guards. To which they were told that there were way too many people employed to guard cattle.

Old wives tale? Maybe, but believable.

16th July
written by Sean Noble

*Graphic Images Alert!*


Arizona’s Yellow Sheet Report decided that the picture of my staples from my splenectomy was akin to Lyndon Johnson showing off a scar from a gall bladder removal.  I suppose there are similarities, but I’m guessing that is the only thing in common I would ever have with the architect of the “Great Society.”


Has freedom of information crossed the line?

ARTICLE POSTED 7.15.2009 | 2:16 PM

Folks were kind of grossed out when LBJ (left) showed reporters his abdominal scar left by removal of the presidential gall bladder. Whether political consultant Sean Noble recalled that we don’t know, but the former Shadegg aide has posted his own pain and suffering on his Web site, showing a stapled incision from his splenectomy. Noble is recovering form injuries suffered in a one-car crash.