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5th August
written by Sean Noble

OK. I admit, I’m sure that the Arizona Republic decided long before my post endorsing Jeff Flake for U.S. Senate that they were going to do the same. They almost certainly had their editorial written before my post.  And it was an interesting editorial.  You can sense the internal conflict they have about endorsing Flake, and the out-of-hand dismissal of Wil Cardon’s claims that Flake is a “Washington insider.” To wit:

To attempt to cast Flake as some kind of power-brokering Washington insider, as Cardon has done, is just at odds with reality. Jeff Flake has lost committee assignments and earned the enmity of GOP administrations precisely for being such a principled, conservative pain in the neck.

Typically when the Arizona Republic editorial board endorses a candidate, they either say something nominally nice about the other guy, or largely ignore them.  This endorsement was quite different – they take Cardon to task:

As for Cardon, the novice candidate has issues of his own, including some real concerns about a topic, illegal immigration, that Cardon has pushed front and center.

A company in which Cardon has both investment and management interests, RCC Partners, was fined by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in 2010 for failure to maintain “valid documentation” of employees of sandwich shops it owns.

The federal “documentation” legalese disguises some serious issues. Thirty of 49 current employees were determined to be undocumented alien workers, and 121 of 269 former employees likewise “were not authorized for employment.”

Cardon has downplayed his role in the company’s hiring practices and contends the company simply had to accept the often-forged paperwork that applicants supplied at hiring. That’s disingenuous, especially for a candidate who has thumped his chest as a no-excuses border warrior and a “hands on” jobs creator.

In an era in which Republicans are pining for true conservatives, they have the practically perfect real deal in Jeff Flake.

Like I said in my previous post, Cardon could have a career in politics is he really wants it – there are other races in the future – so as any good businessman, he should learn from this and be ready for the next time, because it isn’t going to happen for him this time.


4th August
written by Sean Noble

In the race to replace Senator Jon Kyl, it’s not even a close call.  Congressman Jeff Flake is by far the superior candidate over Wil Cardon.

I have known both Wil and Jeff for many years.  Both are great guys, come from long-time Arizona families and are successful in their own right.  I believe that Wil could have a future as a public official, but this is the wrong race at the wrong time for him to be spending millions of dollars.

Flake has a reputation for annoying establishment Washington – particularly big spenders and appropriators.  There isn’t anything we need more in Washington than someone willing to stand up to the spenders on both side of the aisle and yell “Stop!”

Jeff Flake is that guy.

Vote Jeff Flake for U.S. Senate.


11th November
written by Sean Noble












Having been around the process when Republicans were trying to convince former Bush-appointed Surgeon General Richard Carmona for run for Congress, Democrats might want to think twice about how much hope they are putting in him to be a successful Senate candidate against Jeff Flake next year.

Carmona has announced he is running for the U.S. Senate.

The irony is that it was Senate Democrats who tried to destroy Carmona during his Senate confirmation hearings for Surgeon General.  Talk about giving the Republicans a gift of solid opposition research.