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10th August
written by Sean Noble

Robert Costa from National Review is reporting that a charter flight from Boston ended up in Janesville, WI today.  That’s the current home of Representative Paul Ryan.

Here is the whole post:

Take note, veep watchers: Earlier today, a charter plane took off  in Boston, stopped in Chicago, then flew to the tiny airport in Janesville, Wis. Janesville, of course, is the hometown of Representative Paul Ryan, a top vice-presidential contender. According to a source on the ground, the plane is still in Wisconsin.

Tomorrow morning, Mitt Romney will visit the USS Wisconsin in Norfolk, Va. For what it’s worth, Ryan is scheduled to be on vacation in Colorado.

You can track unusual charter flights at FlightAware, a useful website.

UPDATE: Tagg Romney was in Milwaukee today.


I’m waiting with bated breath…