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16th October
written by Sean Noble

This last weekend it felt like 17 again.

That is, I drove south on I-17 past the location of my July 4th rollover.  It was the first time since the accident, in which I lost my spleen, that I had driven that stretch of road, and there was a surreal feeling driving by.  It was night (not as late) and it wasn’t raining – and I made sure I was steering with my knee.

You see, I get a bad rap about not driving with both (or either) hands on the wheel and on the night of my accident my hands were at 10 and 2, just like they’ve taught me in the multiple driving school courses I have been compelled to attend. So, rather than jinx myself, I figured I’d drive the way I usually do and NOT roll my car.  Hey, it worked!

Now if I could figure out how to look like Zac Efron…