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18th February
written by Sean Noble

The hit TV series Lost continues to wow me. This week’s episode actually answers more questions than it raises, much to my enjoyment and relief.

Now we know where the lists of names comes from and we have a better understanding of what Jacob was up to. The challenge is whether we believe that Jacob is evil or the man in black, now personified as John Locke.

Whereas previous seasons nibbled around the edges of good versus evil, this season has overt religious overtones. It is sure to keep Lost fans buzzing about what it all means, and I am guessing that the Lost writers are good enough to throw some major twists into the plot in this final season.

The John Locke-centered episode this week we learn a lot more about Locke, but we also catch glimpses of a different side of Ben and Hurley. Ben is much less confident and the Hurly that lands in L.A. continues to act as if he’s the luckiest guy in the world – a stark contrast to the Hurley on the island that believes he is cursed.

It is a rare moment for me to get to the end of a TV show and actually feel enriched for having watched it. I’m crossing my fingers that the rest of the season of Lost will have some big payoffs.

4th February
written by Sean Noble

Lost is one of the most interesting television series in the history of the medium. I got into Lost after it had been on TV for more than two seasons and I have been riveted ever since.

It was the human interest elements of the story that got me hooked, more so than the science fiction aspect. However, the time travel focus now has me begging for more.

My anticipation for the season premiere was bigger than I have ever had for any other show (even Mad Men) in my life, and it didn’t disappoint. Seeing Richard Alpert take a punch was more satisfying than it should have been, and to see Benjamin Linus cowering like a little girl was great.

Other highlights: Hurley taking charge; seeing the Temple (finally); learning that the smoke monster is actually evil itself, not just a tool of evil; and seeing Charlie again.

However, I’m really trying to grasp the idea of two sets of characters; the version of those who stayed on the island and the version who landed in L.A. After Juliet died and then Saied died, I was thinking that the island version of the characters would die off one by one. But then Saied came back to life.

One thing that appears to be real is that Jacob is dead.