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23rd February
written by Sean Noble

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is returning from a four-nation tour of Asia, her last stop being China where she “plead” for the Chinese to continue to buy up U.S. debt. This reminded me of a great line from the Presidential primary season when a Democrat Congress and President Bush enacted a rebate program to taxpayers in an attempt to boost the economy.  Mike Huckabee said, “We’re going to borrow money from China to give to taxpayers to ask them to buy something from China.”  Classic.

An interesting twist on the trip was that Clinton avoided dealing with human rights concerns saying that they shouldn’t “distract” from economic and environmental concerns.  This is a lesson in the difference between campaigning and governing, and she is already upsetting portions of her core constituency, like Amnesty International. 

This is an interesting article tracking what Clinton has said in the past about China’s human rights record.

Welcome to the real world.