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11th February
written by Sean Noble

Senate and House negotiators have announced a “deal” on the stimulus package.  It will cost about $789 BILLION.  Reportedly, Senate Democrats are stomping their feet in anger because education funding has been reduced, and, well, because they need to make it look like this really was a compromise.

Democrats know that Republicans would be critical, so if they got some of their liberal members to start yelling, it would look like it was “the middle of the road.” 

This is what we call “creating the right optics” and I can pretty much guarantee that Rahm Emanual was the mastermind behind all this.

As reported in the New York Times, liberal lion, Tom Harkin, played the supporting role perfectly (emphasis mine):

Even before the last touches were put to the bill, the emerging deal infuriated some Democrats who said that President Obama and Congressional leaders had been too quick to give up on Democratic priorities. Some critics also suggested that the final figure was too small to be effective because of the grave condition of the American economy.

I am not happy with it,” said Senator Tom Harkin, Democrat of Iowa. “You are not looking at a happy camper. I mean, they took a lot of stuff out of education. They took it out of health, school construction and they put it more into tax issues.”

Usually, if Harkin is not happy, I am, which is exactly what Obama, Reid, Pelosi and Emanual want – they want us happy to have a “trimmed-down” stimulus bill.  Well, it isn’t going to work for me.  I’m standing right there by Harkin and I’m infuriated!