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26th February
written by Sean Noble

Ninety-one years ago today, Woodrow Wilson signed legislation designating the Grand Canyon as a national park.

I have been to the Grand Canyon many times, and each time the experience is a little different. Yes, I’ve had the Clark Griswold experience of taking five seconds to look at the view and then tell the kids, “Wow, isn’t that cool? Now let’s go get lunch.”

But I’ve also had the experiences of the solitude of taking in the awesome beauty and the totality of the size and grandeur of one of the true wonders of the world.

Happy Birthday Grand Canyon.

Just for kicks, here is the clip from the 1983 film Vacation.

14th August
written by Sean Noble

President Obama and his family are visiting the Grand Canyon on Sunday.  It just so happens that this weekend is one of the few that the Park Service waives entrance fees.

Coincidence?  I’m not so sure. This from the story in the Arizona Republic today:

Asked about the Obamas’ visit on a fee-free weekend, Eaker said it is sheer coincidence, then chuckled at a suggestion that the president’s family might be scrimping on its budget.

If you were planning a trip this Sunday, you might want to reconsider.  Having done advance work for a couple Presidential trips, I know how disruptive a visit from the Chief can be wherever he goes.

One thing I’ve noticed about Obama.  He doesn’t appear to care who he inconveniences when he wants to use the trappings of power to do something.  President’s Clinton and Bush both visited the Grand Canyon on non-weekends.  Maybe they didn’t consider when they were going, but then again, neither of them were as self-centered as the current President.  I mean, you didn’t ever have Clinton or Bush literally making the claim that they were “the One.”