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3rd April
written by Sean Noble









The Maryland primary has already been called for Mitt Romney.  D.C. is expected to go with Romney, as will Wisconsin.

Rick Santorum is out of reasons to stay in this race.  Gingrich isn’t even worth wasting time on.


Romney has won huge in D.C. and will have a strong win in Wisconsin.  The fat lady continues to sing.


We now have the biggest break in the primary election season – the next elections aren’t until April 24, and full three weeks.  Yes, Santorum leads in Pennsylvania, but what’s the point?  Assuming Santorum can maintain his lead there, which is a big assumption, Romney will win Connecticut, Delaware, New York and Rhode Island.



30th March
written by Sean Noble








Budget wunderkind Paul Ryan has endorsed Mitt Romney for President.  With this get, Romney has picked up the endorsement of the two top rising stars in the Republican Party – Ryan and Marco Rubio.

Ryan’s endorsement demonstrates that the conservative intellectual wing of the GOP is now firmly ensconced with Romney.

Tuesday’s primary elections in Wisconsin (Ryan’s home state), Maryland and D.C. will likely be the end of Gingrich’s campaign and should, for all intents and purposes, be the end of Santorum’s campaign.


21st January
written by Sean Noble

I am officially on the Mitt Romney for President bandwagon. For the first time since Ronald Reagan, we have a candidate who is explicitly campaigning on the principles of free enterprise and economic freedom, something that has been sorely missing from Republican leadership since Reagan left the White House.

At the end of the day, our nation’s greatness is made possible by the freedoms that we are guaranteed by our Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights. For someone like Newt Gingrich to criticize Mitt Romney for engaging in free enterprise is not only weak, but morally bankrupt; he should be ashamed.

For the sake of our great nation, I hope and pray that Gingrich flames out soon – if he is our nominee, when it comes to the fundamentals of our foundational freedoms, how is he different than Barack Obama?

One thing for sure, this isn’t over by a long shot.