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24th November
written by Sean Noble

You know that the glow of Obama is fading when historical allies begin to take shots at him. A lefty t-shirt maker in L.A. is going to make a killing on his “Hope… is fading fast” t-shirt.

Saturday Night Live, never a bastion of conservatism, has been whacking Obama hard for on his “accomplishments” (read: zero – according to them) and his policies both foreign and domestic.

Even Jay Leno is in the fray:

“The White House and the Senate Democrats are working on a new jobs bill. The White House said this new jobs bill could create twice as many nonexistent fake jobs as the last one.  Now, three weeks ago … the $787 billion stimulus-thing created one million new jobs. Then, last week, they said it was really only 640,000 jobs. Now, they’re saying they really don’t know. You know how to create a new job? Fire the guy in charge of counting.”

When you are a Democrat and have become the butt of late night comics, you’ve lost your groove.