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27th June
written by Sean Noble

Random thoughts…


Wouldn’t it be fascinating to listen into the White House conversations about Arizona, and in particular, Governor Jan Brewer?

Staffer: “Mr. President, that Governor that wagged her finger in your face is doing more than even Democrat Governors to implement your health care bill!”

POTUS: “ReallyShould we consider her for an Administration post?”

Staffer: “You want her wagging her finger at you at every Cabinet meeting?”

POTUS: “Good point.  Let’s just send her some flowers.”

It’s been interesting to watch the reaction from national reporters in watching Brewer cheerlead Medicaid expansion.  Chief Justice Roberts and the Supreme Court gave State the “out” from one of the most egregious parts of Obamacare and a “conservative” Republican Governor not only decides to opt-in, she does so with the enthusiasm of a school girl getting ready for prom.

So there is a cognitive dissonance in the heads of DC-based reporters who, if you mention “Arizona Governor” immediately think about immigration crackdowns.  No open borders, but it’ll be open enrollment.


The Supreme Court ruling, striking down the federal component of the Defense of Marriage Act, affirms, for now, the state’s ability to define marriage.  This was expected, and as a believer in State’s Rights, it was the right decision.

While my friends in the gay community celebrated the “overturning” of California’s Proposition 8, what the Court did was much more nuanced and process oriented.  They basically ruled that the federal appellate courts had no jurisdiction over the appeal because backers of Prop. 8 didn’t have standing to carry the appeal.  Only the state could have done that.  Call it a victory for gay marriage on a technicality.  That is, the higher courts have not affirmed the district court’s overturning of Prop. 8 (yet).

That’s not to say that there isn’t a obvious trend towards gay marriage becoming more accepted and eventually legal across the board.  The challenge will be how to balance the rights of gay couples with the religious freedom of churches and faith-based institutions.

For example, while I believe gay couples should have the same rights afforded straight couples, I don’t think the Catholic Church’s adoption services should be required to facilitate adoptions by gay couples.  However, as a result of Massachusetts state law, the Catholic Church was faced with the choice of facilitating such adoptions or close their doors.  That’s a clear overreach of the First Amendment, which protects religious liberty.

Needless to say, this discussion is far from over.


Obama’s big play on dealing with “climate change” exposes, yet again, his complete disregard for Congress, the will of the American people or the rule of law.  Keep in mind, it was five years ago this month that Obama said, “this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”

This is a President who claims to be looking out for the little guy, but subsidizes his billionaire friends with “green energy” cash and wants to shut down coal-fired power plants, even admitting that “under my plan, electricity rates will necessarily sky-rocket.”  Who gets hurt? The poor and those on fixed-income.  With friends like these…


The Arizona Capitol Times had their “Best of the Capitol” awards dinner this week.  Inexplicably, I was nominated for a couple categories in which the competition was overwhelming.  Congrats to Arizona Chamber President Glenn Hamer for his “Power Broker” award and to Chuck Coughlin for “Best Political Operative.”  Well-deserved by both.


2nd August
written by Sean Noble

As you may or may not know, yesterday was something called “Chick-fil-a Appreciation Day.” The purpose was to rally folks to defend Chick-fil-a’s President Dan Cathy and his decision to contribute $2 million to pro-traditional marriage organizations and efforts in 2010. Many in the LGBT community had called on a boycott of Chick-fil-a and as a result of the “Appreciation Day” Chick-fil-a had it’s largest day ever. That’s not a surprise, given where most Chick-fil-a’s are located (the South).

This is America.  People have the right to work hard, build something, be successful and donate money to causes that they believe in.  George Soros does it.  Peter Lewis does it. But you don’t see people on the right calling for a boycott of Progressive Insurance.

(Apparently some on the right have called for boycotting Progressive insurance, which is stupid. If they have a good product and it’s less expensive and meets your needs, buy it. True free-enterprise is value neutral.)

Anyway, the point of this post was not to get into a discussion about boycotts, it was to highlight the video below.

This video was shot by someone calling himself Adam Smith (I don’t know whether that’s really his name or not), but it demonstrates an incredible lack of tolerance by someone claiming to be fighting for tolerance.  The woman at the drive through window demonstrated incredible class and tolerance in the face of a guy that was just plain being a jerk.

See for yourself.