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18th December
written by Sean Noble












Republican House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan has released a new proposal with Democrat Senator Ron Wyden that would reform Medicare in a way that will ensure that seniors have real choices when it comes to their health care.

The genius of this plan is that it would allow seniors to stick with traditional fee-for-service Medicare – thus undercutting Democrat claims that Republicans are “ending Medicare as we know it.”

The irony in the Democrat’s claim is what they did to Medicare through the passage of their health care bill in 2010.  They cut $500 billion over ten years in order to fund new government programs and the created a 15-member board to make decisions about what procedures and prescriptions would be covered by Medicare – essentially standing between doctors and their patients.

Given the ever-increasing opposition to the health care law, Democrats might want to be careful about how they play this card in 2012.

29th April
written by Sean Noble

The House and Senate celebrated Obama’s 100th day in office by passing the largest federal budget in U.S. history. At a staggering $3.4 TRILLION it is $300 billion more than last year’s budget. Wow.  That is growth of government that should make former AZ Governor Janet Napolitano proud.

To give you some perspective, when I was toiling on Capitol Hill staffing my boss on the Budget committee in 1997, the federal budget was about $1.5 trillion.  As recently as 2000 the federal budget was $1.7 trillion – HALF of what passed today.  Think about that.  In nine short years we have DOUBLED the size of the federal government. That is breathtaking, and not in a good way.