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10th February
written by Sean Noble

So the Occupy Wall Street folks have invaded the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and tried to disrupt one of the largest annual gatherings of Conservative activists.


As unearthed by Daily Caller, apparently, some protestors don’t know what CPAC is or why they are protesting.  But they are making $60 per person to show up. Isn’t America great!  Oh… wait… that wouldn’t fit the OWS narrative, would it?

While the OWS movement is still trying to be relevant, it is going to continue to lose influence and momentum because of the radical elements that keep it going.  The Democrats who identified and associated with OWS early on will see their words come back to haunt them between now and November.


Obama’s supposed “accommodation” to try to quell the outcry of the HHS ruling that would force Catholic-run institutions to offer contraception and abortion-inducing drugs in their health insurance coverage does not accommodate at all.  To require health insurance companies to offer such services free of charge to those covered does not change the fundamental conscience issue raised by the Church.  The only reason these services are available “for free” is because there is a health plan at all.

This is an underhanded political ploy.  Obama is essentially maintaining the status quo, while at the same time appearing to be reasonable.  He knows the Church will still oppose, but he is counting on Bishops looking unreasonable to parishioners.


The Republican nomination for President has to be the most interesting primary process in U.S. history.  Wow.


Can you believe that it’s February already?