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8th May
written by Sean Noble

Tuesday was the primary election for the recall of Governor Scott Walker.  Democrats fielded four candidates and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett prevailed.  There was a “challenger” to Governor Walker, a “protest” primary candidate who received a whopping 3% of the vote.

The problem for Democrats is that the combined total of votes cast (with 92.4% reporting) in the Republican primary was 589,176 and the combined total in the Democrat primary (with the same 92.4% reporting) was… 585, 888.

Think about that.  Democrats had a robust primary campaign between Barrett and Cathleen Falk, but Walker had no real competition, and more ballots were cast in the Republican primary than the Democrat primary.

That does not bode well for Democrats going into the June 5 general election for the recall.

Prediction: Gov. Walker wins the recall, further minimizing union power in Wisconsin and putting Wisconsin in play for both the Presidential election and the U.S. Senate election.