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24th May
written by Sean Noble

ABC’s Lost had one of the most anticipated series finales in TV history.

Lost was simply… epic.  Its draw was the examination of human interaction under a multitude of situations, both extreme and mundane.

Lost was in its third season before I watched the pilot and got completely hooked.  And after six seasons, I am still numb to the idea that it’s actually over.

I’m torn about the way it ended.  I loved it, I hated it, I laughed, I cried.

But when the camera zoomed in on Jack’s eye and the signature Lost logo popped onto the screen I felt… fulfilled.

It’s hard to describe.  It was less dramatic than I think I was expecting, but it was surprisingly satisfying.

Here’s what I think… The writers didn’t really know how to end it, so they pulled the pure emotion card – figuring out how to bring everyone together, and by doing so, even those of us who wanted a complete tie up at the end forgave the unanswered questions because everyone got back together.

It was thrilling to watch each character begin to remember what they had been through and to recognize who they were.

So, had they in fact died at the beginning after all, and the island was purgatory?  I don’t think so – I interpreted it as the sideways reality being purgatory (or in my faith’s parlance, the spirit world), where the work gets completed.

However you view the ending, and whether you think it was great or terrible or just ok, ultimately there wasn’t a perfect ending or a right ending, because we each viewed the series through our own prism of understanding, ideology, faith, bias and personal application.

What surprises me the most is that I don’t even remember all the questions they didn’t answer. That tells me that even though those questions seemed to be of burning priority, they just weren’t that important.

Kind of like how life unfolds…