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16th July
written by Sean Noble

Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas W. Elmendorf dropped a nuclear bomb on Congress when he was asked about legislation reforming health care and whether it would actually save money:  “On the contrary,” Elmendorf said, “the legislation significantly expands the federal responsibility for health care costs.”

This is huge news because the main argument Democrats, including Obama, have been using for their health care reform is that they need cut cost.  Now they have an independent agent telling them that it’s going to cost a lot of money – just the opposite.

Of course Sen. Harry Reid, ever the class act, had this to say: “What he should do is maybe run for Congress,” Reid said.

Keep in mind, Elmendorf was appointed to be the CBO Chief by Reid and Nancy Pelosi.  But now that he doesn’t toe their line, Reid dismisses him.

Reid can try to distract all he wants, but the issue creates a huge problem for Democrats as they try to rush through a bill that will hurt Americans.  Make no mistake about it, when they talk about reduced costs, they are talking about reduced care.