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25th April
written by Sean Noble

DHS Secretary Napolitano has “apologized” to the American Legion for her the report by DHS that warned of various conservatives being potential terrorists.

The Saturday edition of the Arizona Republic covers the heat that Napolitano has taken for this report and a variety of clumsy moves.  Reporter Dennis Wagner called me yesterday to get my take.  I told him that I didn’t think she would resign or get fired, and that I was disturbed by her willingness to call conservatives “terrorists” while at the same time refusing to call members of Al-Queda terrorists – or to even use the words terror or terrorism.  That, I said, made me question her understanding of the true threats we face from actual terrorists.

Wagner didn’t use my central thesis, but instead some side comment.  Of course, I’m not surprised.

Still, Sean Noble, a Republican political consultant and blogger, said Napolitano’s mistakes are stunning because of her background and her position in the Obama administration.

“If she’s surprised by the criticism, then she wasn’t thinking about the level of responsibility that she has,” he said. “There is partisanship, you bet. But that’s how the game is played.”

The problem with that quote is that it’s taken out of context, and implies that I think this is all a game.  National security is not a game.  Napolitano is facing severe criticism because people are worried about her judgment. And I remain concerned.

This story covers a statement released by Congressman Shadegg.  He and I have not talked about this issue, so I was a little surprised at how similar our thinking was on this.