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22nd July
written by Sean Noble

I don’t get a lot of time to read books, that is, to really sit down and read a book in a day or two.  However, recently a friend of mine sent me a book that I HAD to read.  The book is “Losing Mum and Pup” by Christopher Buckley.

An interesting and heartbreaking story of an only child being orphaned at age 55 when both parents die within a year. The story is even richer and more interesting because the parents are Pat and William Buckley.

As a disciple of WFB since I was 12 yrs-old, I was captivated by Christopher’s emotion, anger, fear, humor and self-exposure.  I was particularly fascinated with the drama of planning the memorial service for WFB at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan and Christopher’s account of that day.   I was at the Memorial service, and was particularly happy with the reprint of Henry Kissinger’s remarks because I had the hardest time hearing him at the service.

The book was even better than I had expected.  I laughed, I grimaced, I chuckled and I cried. While Christopher has been heavily criticized by some on the right, I find the criticism unfair and short-sighted. Certainly the man who stood athwart history yelling “Stop!” can withstand some scrutiny from the insecurities of an only child.

It should be the next book you read.