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19th January
written by Sean Noble

Truth is stranger than fiction.

As recently as the Iowa Straw Poll in August of last year, who, really, could have predicted that on the eve of the South Carolina GOP primary election for President any (let alone all!) of the following?

Michelle Bachman would be a complete non-factor before the Iowa Caucus?

Herman Cain would surge to the lead and fall completely out in less than six weeks?

Mitt Romney would largely write-off Iowa, only to squeak out a win? (I know, wait for it)

Rick Santorum would be left for dead on the side of the road and then come within 8 votes of beating Romney in Iowa, and then actually WIN Iowa (see, told you it was coming) when the results were certified?

Rick Perry, who was the “perfect” alternative to Romney (so much so that his entrance in the race would be cited by both Paul Ryan and Chris Christie as having an impact on their respective decisions to stay out of the race), would become a non-factor in the entire race a few minutes into his third debate?

Jon Huntsman would drop out and endorse Mitt Romney?

Ron Paul would still be around?

Rick Perry would drop out and endorse Newt Gingrich, on the day it comes out that Newt’s second wife claims he wanted an “open marriage”?

Seriously, how ironic is it that the guy everyone is trying to show as the alternative to the “weird Mormon guy” is the one who has actually tried to practice plural marriage?

Folks, this is a circus that has to stop soon, or it’s going to take the whole party down.