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27th February
written by Sean Noble

John Shadegg gave the best speech of his political career at CPAC last night during the Presidential Banquet.  It wasn’t an easy task.  It was a packed room, there was a rousing speech by rock star RNC Chairman Michael Steele, and a great tribute to Tom Winter by M. Stanton Evans. (That guy is funny!)

Shadegg started with a tribute to “the giants of the Conservative movement” like William F. Buckley, Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, M. Stanton Evans and Tom Winter and their “immeasurable contribution” to the cause.

He said that those gathered at CPAC are “engaged in a fight for the heart and soul of the nation.”  He painted the stark contrast between the left and their “dependence mentality” with the conservative “individual responsibility.”

He called the conservatives in the room and watching on the web to unite again and fight for the cause, because we “are the last, best hope for this nation.”

He talked about Reagan’s speech to CPAC in 1974 in which he talked about America being “a city upon a hill.”  He quoted Buckley (“Standing athwart history, yelling STOP!”) and the Bible (“Is there not a cause?”).

It was, in a word, inspiring.


(Note: Speeches are available at  I’ll post specific links as soon as I can get my computer to work with the website.)

9th February
written by Sean Noble

Thank You For Smoking” is a funny book (and later a movie) by Christopher Buckley (as in the son of William F. Buckley) about a tobacco lobbyist and the trials and turmoil that he must endure lobbying for “evil.”  He even gets kidnapped and covered with nicotine patches, almost dies, but is actually saved because the years of smoking built up an immunity to nicotine, but then can never smoke again, because of the sensitivity.  It’s funnier than that sounds, really.

However, as they say, truth is stranger than fiction.

Congress passed the SCHIP reauthorization bill last week.  SCHIP stands for “State Children’s Health Insurance Program.”  You know, it’s about the kids.

One of the problems with the bill, is that in order to fund the massive expansion, there is an increase in the tobacco tax.  But, the amount of funding needed to pay for this expansion can’t be covered by the number of current smokers.  In order to make up the shortfall, more than 22 million Americans would have to take up the habit!

With that in mind, this part of the Stimulus bill is particularly interesting:

$75 million for “smoking cessation activities”

So, last week we need 22 million people to start smoking “for the children.”  This week we are going to use taxpayer money to try to get them to quit.

This is like a cheap dimestore horror story, but worse, because it is actually our own government at work.  Instills a lot of confidence, huh?

1st January
written by Sean Noble

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge fan of Barry Goldwater.   He was pure Arizona and his 1964 Presidential campaign paved the way for Ronald Reagan’s election in 1980.  Today would have been his 100th birthday, so it seems appropriate to take a moment to reflect on his life.  In the “Deep Thinking” section of this blog there is a draft op-ed I wrote back in 2002.

I was privileged to have met Senator Goldwater a number of times, mainly through my work with Congressman John Shadegg, whose father Stephen was Goldwater’s campaign manager, speech writer and confidant.  One of the highlights of my political life happened nearly 15 years ago during Shadegg’s first campaign for Congress. We had event which featured William F. Buckley and Barry Goldwater.  For a kid from Show Low who grew up idolizing Goldwater and reading National Review since I was 12 years old, it was as good as dying and going to Heaven.

Today’s Arizona Republic has a pretty good article about Goldwater for this centennial celebration.

Let us never forget that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.