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6th May
written by Sean Noble










Brett Mecam is getting the kind of attention most people pay a lot of money to get.  Unfortunately, it’s not the right kind of attention.  Particularly embarrassing is his mug shot, which screams “fashion nightmare.” Who wears a white collared colored shirt without a tie?  Gives a whole new meaning to “white collar crime.” Good grief.  I’m a hick from Show Low, AZ and even I know better.

On a less humorous note, why exactly did Phoenix PD and DPS show up at GOP HQ to arrest Mecum on a couple traffic misdemeanors?  For a violation almost a month ago?  Something does not add up, or I don’t understand criminal prosecution (which is very possible).

So, will GOP State Party Chairman Randy Pullen jettison Mecum?

UPDATE: Sources say that Mecum was going 109 MPH when the camera flashed.  That begins to explain the arrest at work – that’s downright scary fast on an in-town freeway.

6th May
written by Sean Noble

HT to the folks at Arizona Guardian (particularly Dennis Welch)

I don’t know what to think… I don’t know what to say… but this is not good news.


State GOP executive director arrested!

altBy Dennis Welch
The Arizona Guardian

The executive director of the Arizona Republican Party was arrested this morning at party headquarters in Phoenix.
It was unclear what the charge against Brett Mecum might be, but he was expected to arraigned later today.

Party officials wouldn’t talk on the record, but said they would put out a statement later today.

Mecum was apparently taken into custody by officers from the Arizona Department of Public Safety and the Phoenix Police Department.

Mecum was recently named executive director of the party. He had been political director during the 2008 election cycle .