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5th June
written by Sean Noble









New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, aka Mayor-E Poppins, certainly seems proud of the “Nanny-City” he is attempting to finalize before he leaves office.  But no spoon full of sugar for his wards!  First he came for the salt, then cigarettes and soda.  Now Bloomberg is leading a national campaign called “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” – attempting to ban guns across the country.

But it was just last week that violence surged in New York City in one of the bloodiest weekends in years –within 48 hours 25 people were shot. Coupled with the strictest gun laws in the country, what occurred in NYC raises serious doubts about the viability of Mayor Bloomberg’s initiative restricting our Second Amendment rights.  Looks like the criminals didn’t get the memo on the anti-gun laws you passed there, Mr. Bloomberg.  At least no large sodas were spotted.

New York isn’t the only city with exploding violence.  Over the weekend, more than 10 people were shot in Chicago.  Ever notice that the cities with the tightest gun laws have the most violence?  It’s almost as if taking guns away from the law-abiding citizens means only criminals will have them . . .

While Bloomberg has been throwing millions of dollars at candidates who support his anti-gun initiative, he should be putting his efforts into NYC gang control.  Unfortunately Bloomberg thinks it’s his job to take rights away from citizens who obey the laws, instead of standing up to those who break them.

29th January
written by Sean Noble

President Obama is telling the Justice Department to find a different location than New York City for the terror trial. Mayor Bloomberg had expressed concern about the trial taking place in Manhattan and even liberal Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer wanted it somewhere else.

It begs the question: if you can’t do it in New York, where, pray tell, do you think you can do it? It certainly won’t be well received anywhere else. Maybe since Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Reid have been so gung ho about civilian trials of terrorists, they should do the trial in either San Francisco or Las Vegas.

Actually, Vegas seems like the perfect venue. It’s all for show anyway.

This whole episode is going to continue to damage Obama’s credibility on the war on terror, or whatever his administration calls it these days. The bottom line is that terrorists should not be tried in civilian courts in the first place.