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2nd June
written by Sean Noble

Nothing is more certain in life than dying and paying taxes, and most people spend a lot of time and energy avoiding both.

A common theme with those folks left-of-center on the political spectrum is that people are happy to pay taxes for the things that government should provide.  The problem is that they think government should provide a lot more than what our Founding Fathers ever envisioned, and thus, more government than people like me want.

On the state level in Arizona, it is clear that Governor Brewer believes that people would rather pay more taxes than do with less government, thus her budget plan which is light on reducing government spending and heavy on taxes. 

I oppose increased taxes, so I got to thinking about how I might deal with this issue if I was in charge.  It occurred to me that there are so many interest groups who say that people are fine paying more taxes, that we should actually give them that opportunity.  The Arizona Department of Revenue should expand the option of voluntarily paying MORE taxes by adding a form – let’s call it Form SITIC – for “stuff I think is critical.” Then, all these people who WANT to pay more taxes can check the box for what their additional contribution will fund.

I’m guessing with as many people saying they want to pay more, the Joint Legislative Budget Committee would be able to project an revenue increase of somewhere in the neighborhood $1.7 billion per year.

Hey! Problem solved.  You’re welcome.