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8th March
written by Sean Noble

“The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.” — Ayn Rand

11th January
written by Sean Noble

A few people have asked me why, as a hick from Show Low, Arizona, do I use a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge on the blog.  A couple reasons.  It’s just a really cool picture.  And I can envision that the scene could have been essentially the same in 1955.

If we had time travel, the first place I’d go would be New York in 1955.  Just think about some of the things that were happening.  In the span of about a month, the Dodgers win the World Series, Ayn Rand finishes writing “Galt’s Speech”, and William F. Buckleystands athwart history, yelling Stop” with the inaugural issue of the conservative movement’s most powerful publication, National Review.

Talk about some pretty cool stuff.  My all-time favorite pitcher is Sandy Koufax and 1955 was his rookie year – albeit pretty forgettable.  In 1956, one of my other favorite players of all-time, Jackie Robinson, spent a good chunk of his last season in baseball fighting with management to give Koufax more starts.  Talk about class. Interestingly, Koufax was the last person to throw a pitch for the Brooklyn Dodgers before their move to Los Angeles.

New York in the 1950’s would be a great place to visit.  I suppose that’s why one of my favorite TV shows is Mad Men  

So how does a kid who grew  up in a small Arizona town develop a fascination with New York in 1955?  The answer is the imagination that comes from reading.  I read my first biography at age 10, and it was of Sandy Koufax.  I then read one about Jackie Robinson.  By age 12, I was reading National Review (because Ronald Reagan did).  The three political publications I recall being around the house growing up were National Review, The New American (my mom had that subscription, which did not please my dad – it is too conspiratorial for me) and Human Events.  It is any wonder I’m a hardcore conservative?

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