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22nd March
written by Sean Noble

 March Madness commenced yesterday and President Barack-toligist huddled with ESPN to enlighten America on his picks for the NCAA men’s basketball tourney. Funny how he can entertain ESPN in the Oval Office yet thousands of school children from across the country are currently banished from the “People’s House.”

While the President was able to submit his NCAA bracket on time this year his respect for budgetary deadlines continues to be elastic. This is nothing new; it’s the fourth out of five years Obama has broken the law with regards to getting his budget proposal to Congress. By law the President is required to submit a federal budget the first Monday in February – Congress is still waiting.

The bracket fest with ESPN was completed prior to his departure to Israel on his ‘do you love me?’ tour. Interestingly, this year our Commander-in-Chief has selected his winners conservatively—something rare for the White House.

Take a closer look at the President’s bracket and three of the states of Obama’s Final Four picks (Louisville, Florida, and Indiana) have unemployment rates higher than the national average.

The President has Indiana University taking the championship home. Not sure they are happy about him jinxing their chances.

It’s a shame that politics has to enter March Madness, but to the President everything is political — even gracing us with his expertise in college basketball. Maybe he should stick to the Easter Egg Roll at the White House. Is that still on?


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  1. Sean

    Is writing about his picks any less political? Both sides seem to think that they are only ones not wearing clown suits. How about more self awareness and less sensationalism on this blog (and in the political system in general)? And you can start by actually publishing this comment.

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