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4th March
written by Sean Noble









Did you know that one piece of Starbucks’s banana walnut bread has 490 calories? A quick google search of “calories in banana nut bread” shows that a piece of your average, homemade version contains less than half that many. When I heard this surprising information, I couldn’t help but think of our federal government’s budget compared to the budgets of hardworking taxpayers. Taxpayers trim the fat in their family budgets and live within their means, but Washington? They don’t cut the fat, their priorities are bananas, and they’re all nuts.

Just look at former Arizona governor Janet Napolitano’s sequester shenanigans. As the Homeland Security Secretary, Napolitano oversees the nation’s airports. This morning, she claimed our airports, specifically LAX and Chicago’s O’Hare, were experiencing major delays because of sequestration “budget cuts,” which both airports have denied. Only in bloated Washington can a reduction in the rate of spending increase be considered a cataclysmic cut.

The current administration is so bananas, it manufactures crises to make cheap political points. But, this time, they just might have gone too far. Poll after poll shows that the American people want spending cuts. They know Washington can cut back. So what’s an ideologue who’s completely incapable of compromise to do? Feign catastrophe of course. For weeks, President Obama described post-sequester America as a world of near-chaos with rotting food on grocery store shelves, youth roaming the streets, and pay cuts for U.S. Capitol janitorial staff. Like so many of Obama’s nutty claims, not one of these things actually happened.

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  1. Ron Jon

    He’s lost all credibility. His approval rating has taken a hit. We must continue to expose this fraud.

  2. David Drage

    And of course Obama’s administration is the one who came up with the sequester idea and he threatened to veto any bill that removed it. Now he wants to blame Congress, especially the Republicans, with passing it–well that is how it works. Bills are voted on by Congress.

    He really doesn’t want flexibility with the cuts. Instead wants to make it painful for as many as possible when in fact it is just a little over 2% of the planned spending by the Federal government. All of us who are wage earners just took a 2% pay cut with the expiring of the SS tax cut but somehow that wasn’t going to hurt anything but cutting about $45B from the spending of the federal government for the rest of this year will cause planes to fall from the sky! Now they are planning cuts from Rocky Mountain National Park! Colorado’s government are a bunch of nut-cases. No to Jessica’s law. Threaten shotguns. What kind of a planet am I living on? Why this? Obama DHS Purchases 2,700 Light-Armored Tanks to Go With Their 1.6 Billion Bullet Stockpile!

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