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13th February
written by Sean Noble








Why didn’t he have the water closer?  And, why wasn’t it in a dignified glass instead of a flagrantly ridiculous, miniature bottle?

These are valid questions that Hill staffers and campaign hacks asked last night after watching Marco Rubio’s awkward water break in the midst of his State of the Union response.

But, in this age of candidates-as-brand-names, carefully polished, choreographed press shows, and airbrushed reality, it was refreshing to see some humanity, wasn’t it?

Senator Rubio was thirsty, saw a water bottle, grabbed it, and took a swig.  A rare, real moment: the senator cared more about the substantive message he was delivering to the American people than he did about how he looked.

Immediately, cable news and Twitter focused almost exclusively on Rubio’s thirst rather than his message, but that says more about our shallow, easily distracted “news” culture than it does about Rubio’s performance or fitness for—oh look, a squirrel!

I’m sorry…where was I? Right, Rubio.  This morning, a characteristically candid and good-humored Marco Rubio told ABC’s Good Morning America, “God has a funny way of reminding us we’re human.”

So, today, America is laughing with Rubio…when was the last time we laughed with Obama?  It feels good to laugh with a leader again.


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