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12th February
written by Sean Noble







Tonight, in New Orleans, there’s sure to be a little song and dance as The Big Easy celebrates Fat Tuesday, the last day before the Lenten Season.  As revelers prepare for the festivities, with the traditional wearing of masks and costumes, parades, and overeating, President Obama prepares to give the first State of the Union Address of his second term.  But how different will things really be in the Capitol Building and the bayou?

During his speech, President Obama might wear the costume of bipartisanship.  He often pays lip service to reaching across the aisle, but everyone in Washington knows what lies behind the mask: a man uninterested in compromise or building consensus with those who don’t share his extreme ideology.

He’ll likely display a parade of citizens who support his agenda.  Whoever they are, however heartbreaking their situations may be, U.S. policy cannot be built on emotion; it must be rooted in the constitution and based on facts.

But the biggest part of President Obama’s speech tonight will be his plans for gluttonous government spending.  Obama’s gobbling up your tax dollars.  Like all people who “eat their feelings,” if he can have just a little bit more everything will be ok.  The rich can afford it, so what’s the harm?  After all, we need to “invest” in this, that and the other.

Doesn’t President Obama know that, since WWII, revenues from taxes have remained around 18% of GDP no matter the tax rates, while government spending as a percentage of GDP has sharply increased?  Of course he does.  But that doesn’t stop him, because after Obama’s Fat Tuesday, there is no Washington version of Lent.  No time to forgo the excessive and extreme spending, compliments of the U.S. taxpayer.  Try to remember that during tonight’s song and dance.



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