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27th October
written by Sean Noble

The most important vote you can cast this year is your vote for President.

Here are my other endorsements/recommendations:

U.S. Senate – Jeff Flake

U.S. House of Representatives – David Schweikert

District 15 State Senator – Nancy Barto

District 15 State Rep – John Allen, Heather Carter

Corporation Commission – Bob Burns/Bob Stump/Susan Bitter Smith

County Board of Supervisors – Andy Kunasek

County Assessor – Keith Russell

County Attorney – Bill Montgomery

County Recorder – Helen Purcell

County School Superintendent – Don Covey

Sheriff – Arpaio

County Treasurer – Charles “Hos” Hoskins

Central AZ Water Conservation District (up to 5):

Jean McGrath

Lisa Atkins

Gayle Burns


Deer Valley School Board:

Ann Ordway

Ron Bayer

Greg Gregoire


Prop 114 – Yes

Prop 115 – Yes

Prop 116 – Yes

Prop 117 – Yes

Prop 118 – Yes

Prop 119 – No

Prop 120 – Yes

Prop 121 – No

Prop 204 – No

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  1. Ryan

    Thanks, Sean. It is helpful to compare my tentative stances against someone similarly minded. Gave me reason to look a little harder on some things we did not vote similarly on, and in fact changed my mind on one proposition after that additional look.

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