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11th August
written by Sean Noble

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  1. Mark Wrighton

    Great pick, Mitt!!! You heard Sean Noble’s voice from the West and made a bold choice!!!

  2. David Drage

    From a good email friend, Dennis! Right on!

    This could be “The Path To Prosperity”!

    [1] The man is extremely knowledgeable regarding policy; and, he understands what “Debt” is doing to this country.
    [2] He’s truthful and always states what he thinks.
    [3] He’s not a career politician; but wants to truly return this country to fiscal stability to insure the future of the nation for generations to come.
    [4] He’s young and energized and committed to making a difference.
    [5] He will be more than just a “suit” to attend various state funerals. He can become a Chief Advisor to the President; and has a full understanding
    of what is required of a President.
    [6] He is a Catholic and understands religious freedom..and issue of high controversy coming from the left.
    [7] He’s very capable of analyzing legislation and how it will affect the nation.
    [8] He would be capable of stepping into a Presidential role should something of a catastrophic manner befall the President.
    [9] Wisconsin has now changed color! It is now likely that Wisconsin is a RED STATE rather than a BLUE STATE.
    [10] Paul Ryan comes from a Blue Collar family and understands middle class values and needs.

    I believe this is a powerful and bold move that will rally the conservatives and independents toward a victory in November!
    And now… a message to David Axelrod and the Obama campaign strategists:
    Bring it on!
    Let’s Roll!
    I can’t wait for the debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan!

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