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8th August
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Paul Ryan should be Mitt Romney’s choice for Vice President.  He is smart, energetic, attractive, clean background, and knows how to campaign to swing voters.  His current Congressional district is largely blue collar union members in Wisconsin.

Ryan would immediately inject some enthusiasm among the base of the party since he is a solid conservative.  It will also inject some message discipline because Ryan is one of the best communicators in the GOP.

The most important reason to pick Ryan is that if the Democrats are going to attack Romney for the “Ryan budget,” who better to argue that issue than the author himself?  Make no mistake, the Democrats are going to tie Romney to Ryan’s budget regardless of whether he’s on the ticket.

Another asset Ryan brings to the ticket is the “real person” element.  He is a very personable and engaging guy who can talk to real people about anything.  He does regular town halls, dealing with real people day in and day out.

Oh, and Ryan on the ticket would probably deliver Wisconsin to the Republican column in the Electoral College – something that hasn’t happened since Reagan.

That changes the map, which would change Obama’s math.

The real question is whether Romney will have the guts to go bold.


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  1. Mark Wrighton

    I, too, hope Romney will be bold and pick Ryan…back in 2005, when I was working on the Policy Cmte staff as an APSA Fellow, he and John E. Sununu of NH had a bold plan on Social Security and were not afraid to make some difficult choices to ensure the program’s continued solvency…we – now more than ever – need folks like Rep. Ryan who are thoughtful and have the courage to put their ideas forward…he would be a great pick…

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