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1st June
written by Sean Noble










Who really benefits from the diversity racket?  Liberals like Elizabeth Warren, a woman so white she should never set foot outside without SPF 200.  For decades, Warren self-identified as a Native America based on her belief that she is 1/32 Cherokee.

Warren, who has a humble background, is a millionaire law professor.  Is her success due to hard work and nothing else?  Or did she take advantage of the diversity racket liberals claim levels the playing field for underprivileged minorities?

In the 1990s, Harvard was being pressured to increase the diversity of its tenured faculty by Obama’s pal, the race-baiting Professor Derrick Bell.  To get Bell and his pack of grievance mongers off its back, Harvard gave tenure to “minority female” Warren.

What evidence could Lilly White, I mean Lizzie Warren, have provided to prove her heritage?  Her grandfather had “high cheekbones . . . like all Indians do,” and she thought her Great-Great-Great Grandma Crawford was a Cherokee.

Had Harvard investigated, it would have found that while Grandma Crawford was not a Cherokee, Grandpa Crawford had a Cherokee connection.  He served in the militia responsible for getting them on their way to the infamous Trail of Tears.

This whole sorry episode reinforces that hiring should be based on ability and experience, not race and gender.  Unfortunately, this is a time when universities are more concerned with faculty diversity than faculty talent.  Would Warren have gotten Harvard tenure as a Caucasian?  Maybe.  But as a “woman of color,” she was a shoe in . . . or at least a fake moccasin in.

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