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12th May
written by Sean Noble








Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu dropped out of the race for Congress from Arizona’s 4th District and announced he would run for re-election as Sheriff.

His official reason is that his hand-picked successor is prohibited from running for office while being paid from an account funded by federal dollars.  The real reason is that he realized he was going to lose and needed to save face.

It’s no secret that I believe he is unfit for office.  I was one of the first to call for him to resign as Sheriff.  I’ve questioned his use of official resources for campaign purposes, advised him to stop digging, discussed his lack of fiscal discipline and pointed out that the cover up is more politically damaging than the initial scandal.

So rather than do the right thing and walk away, he has wasted hundreds of thousands of supporters money running for Congress, only to then say that he was convinced by those supporters to abandon his Congressional run.

Many Pinal residents have asked me to stay as their Sheriff and continue this fight. Many worried that my voice and impact would be lost if elected as one of 435 members of Congress. I was elected because I listen and respond to the people I represent.

So let me get this straight.  He runs for Congress because he was encouraged to “take the fight to Washington” and then blows a pile of contributors money and then says, oh, you’re right, why be one of 435 measly Congressmen?

The arrogance is stunning and disappointing.

[Disclosure – as of yesterday, my firm, DC London, was retained by Pinal County Sheriff candidate, Derek Arnson]

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  1. Ted Nugent

    You’ve been one of the few people with enough courage and insight to call this one correctly. You’ve nailed it. The guy is unfit for office. What a disgrace. What an embarrassment…

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