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9th April
written by Sean Noble








An item in the April 9 Yellow Sheet Report caught my attention.  Greg Patterson, one of the trailblazers of political blogging in Arizona, said that that his blog,, may go dark as a result of his confirmation to the Arizona Board of Regents.

That’s sad.  Greg is an insightful, smart and witty commentator who has been on the cutting edge of political, social and cultural thought for nearly a decade.

To see espressopundit go dark would be a travesty.

In true Patterson form, his latest blog post about this issue is pretty funny.  The metaphor of putting the espresso machine in the attic is classic.

I think the Regents position is similar in stature to a Judiciary appointment.  I don’t think I can serve as a sitting Regent and blog the way I have blogged in the past.  So I’m going to put the espresso machine in the attic for a while.

I’ll probably end with a few more “wrap up” posts and then sign off for a while.  If I return, it will be in a reinvented format that I haven’t thought of yet. (Of course, writing is an obsession, so I will have to find some type of outlet or I will explode into a zillion little over-caffeinated pieces.)

Greg, I hope you re-think your decision – or at least figure out a way to continue to entertain and inform a thirsty audience.

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  1. John McJunkin

    LOL – I had this thought too, Sean.

    Q: How do you get Greg Patterson to shut up?
    A: Nominate him to the ASU Board of Regents.

    I agree with you – I hope we’ll hear more from him – indispensable local blogger. And who will exhibit schadenfreude whenever something bad happens to the newspapers?

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