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14th March
written by Sean Noble







So the headlines today are all about Rick Santorum “doubling down” by winning both the Mississippi and Alabama primaries.  Nary a word about Romney winning Hawaii and American Samoa.

The fascinating thing about the nomination process is the confusion that comes with each primary or caucus. For example, Santorum won Mississippi over Gingrich and Romney came in third. But the delegate allocation is Romney – 14, Santorum – 13, Gingrich – 12. (For an up-to-date breakdown of the delegate count, go here)

Welcome to presidential primary politics.


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  1. Mark Wrighton

    But, Sean, 14 is greater than BOTH 13 AND 12!!! That means that Romney actually increased his delegate lead by one over Santorum and by two over Gingrich…(This is all very much akin to those head-to-head national poll numbers, which, of course, mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING given how we ACTUALLY elect presidents!!!)

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